At the Bottom of the Valley Where the Burnt Bodies of Perillos and Phalaris Lie​.​.​.

by Scared of Everything

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released April 14, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben Skramways and Cameron Reeves at Southampton Solent University
Artwork - MRB Design



all rights reserved


Scared of Everything Portsmouth, UK

'2016' out July 15th via Truthseeker Music (UK) & Smithsfoodgroup DIY (EU)

'Dishwashing Melodies' streaming now over at Punktastic:

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Track Name: I Love My Dog More Than You
How can you pretend to love those whose torture you're so blind to?
I hate to break it to you, but humane meat is a fucking myth
I know it's difficult to hear but the truth always hurts

Eat, wear, love? Hypocrite

A child born into a factory
Denied true life, and a family
Mankinds lust for destruction knows no end

I will not subscribe to such a blatant lie
It's all fucking false
Track Name: Can I Play Football With You? Sorry Mate, It's Not My Ball
This is the last song that I will ever write about you, and this time I mean it

I am embracing new things and meeting new people
For the most part I am able to constantly surround myself with warm thoughts and happy faces, sometimes this is just not possible
At these points the loneliness creeps into my head,
Like a stray dog looking to make home inside my inner-most thoughts,
Feeding on my anxiety and my emptiness and simply refusing to leave.

Get out of my head, I am begging you

I have never been completely comfortable in the collection of villages that I once called home. but in your presence I managed to forget that all I need to escape
Over time the object I was running from slowly change, suddenly what I needed to escape from became you.
How did this happen?! Somebody please explain

Now I am right back to where I started, spending my evenings at the Football Club, or the Bridge, with Melissa and Cameron distracting ourselves with thoughts about how expensive this pint is, and laughing at our past mistakes

Now I am right back to where I need to be, or at least this is the second best option.
This is the last song that I will ever right about you, and this time I mean it.
Track Name: Smoke Over Kush Mountain
You are sat at the top of the highest of mountains
and I am using every last ounce of my upper body strength to try to reach
I am frail, bruised, and sore.
My hands are covered in blisters and cuts,
the effects of frostbite are kicking in
Won't you come down and join me

Aphrodite, the Goddess, descend from Olympus
I am a mere mortal, crippled by need for you

May the Heavens give me strength
You will not become just another regret

I will paint you a picture worth one thousand words
and you will be left speechless

Oh sweet temptation